The Best Disney Souvenir Shops

the best disney souvenir shops

The Best Disney Souvenir Shops


For many visitors to Disney World one of the most anticipated parts of the trip is purchasing Disney souvenirs to remember the trip by or to treat someone who couldn’t make the trip. Each of the four parks has their own souvenir shops, though some are better than others.


In the Magic Kingdom visitors love shops such as the County Bounty, Pooh’s Thotful Shop, The Yankee Trader and Tinker Bell’s Treasures. The County Bounty is found in Mickey’s Toontown Fair. This is where visitors usually go to purchase everything from keychains to clothes with their favorite Disney characters on them.


Visitors who love Winnie The Pooh head straight to Fantasyland to visit Pooh’s Thotful Shop. Here they can purchase stuffed animals versions of Pooh and his friends as well as clothing and books. County Bounty and Pooh’s Thotful Shop both carry seasonal items around the holidays as well, making them a visitor favorite for holiday shopping.


Little girls (and even big girls) also head to Fantasyland to shop at Tinker Bell’s Treasures, where they can pick up jewelry boxes, children’s books, costumes, jewelry and more. Anyone that loves fairies and princesses will be in heaven when shopping in this store. It is a dream come true for those who grew up watching their favorite girly Disney characters.


The Yankee Trader, found in Liberty Square, is the place to shop for anyone who wants to take home delicious syrup and jams as well as kitchen accessories, tools and dishes to dine on. Many families purchase unique souvenirs such as a Disney toaster from this fabulous store.


The Epcot Center is also a great place to go shopping for souvenirs. The park’s Mitsukoshi Department Store is the world’s oldest Japanese department store. This is the place to go to purchase souvenirs featuring Pikachu and Hello Kitty, two characters popular among children. Even Japanese food and clothing can be purchased from this store, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an unusual Disney souvenir.


Epcot is also the home of the Mouse Gear store, which can be found in Innoventions East. This is where visitors usually go to purchase the famous Mouse ear hats that are a staple of many people’s childhoods. For the low price of $3 shoppers can get a name stitched onto the hat.


Movie fanatics often head straight to Hollywood Studios for the One Of A Kind shop. It is the only place in the four parks to purchase movie memorabilia that in many cases are autographed by celebrities. Others head to CoverStory where they can have their photo put on the front of a magazine cover. This is a unique souvenir people of all ages love.


Animal Kingdom is home to the Mombasa Marketplace, where shoppers can purchase real African masks, clothing and even wine. This is the first place animal lovers head to find a souvenir that one wouldn’t typically associate with Disneyworld.


These stores are just a few examples of the amazing souvenir shops available to Disney world guests.

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