Blizzard Beach

blizzard beach

Blizzard Beach


Blizzard Beach was opened in 1995 as the third Disney World water park. Like all Disney parks it has a theme and story, which happens to be a ‘melting’ ski resort. The park is open for nine months of the year, closing from January to March, however its sister park, Typhoon Lagoon is open during this time. Blizzard Beach has three main areas designed to resemble a ski resort, but in water form. Nearly all water areas in the park are heated, meaning you can enjoy them even longer. In addition to the great attractions there are themed places to eat and shops for picking up gifts.


Red Slope

The Red Slope is the smallest area and can be found at the back of the park. The main and only attraction here is Runoff Rapids, which features both open and closed tubes that have plenty of twists as you fly down its 600-foot route in an inner tube.


Green Slope

The Green Slope has three attractions, including the Blizzard Beach’s main feature – Summit Plummet. All the rides are located at the top of Mount Gushmore, which can be reached by walking up or by using a chairlift. Summit Plummet is said to be the world’s fastest water slide and one of the tallest. Riders whiz down its 120-foot route at an incredible 60 miles per hour. To enjoy this awesome slide, you must be at least 48-inches tall. For something more family friendly try Teamboat Springs, a rafting ride that takes you through a series of ‘white-water’ for 1,400-feet. The third attraction you’ll find here is the Slush Gusher, another fast and thrilling water slide that reaches speeds of 35 miles per hour. Its construction is designed to create ‘air time’, which means riders get a brief moment of feeling weightlessness.


Purple Slope

The Purple Slope attractions are designed in such a way as to allow racing, a feature you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The side-by-side, identical slides of the Downhill Double Dipper mean that you can race your family and friends down its 230-foot route in inner tubes against the clock. There are even timers like you see during ski racing. Snow Stormers uses mats that are rode on the stomach as you can race up to two other opponents down the 350-foot long route that includes slalom gates. The third and final attraction here is the amazing eight lane Toboggan Racers. Like Snow Stormers, users ride on mats, on their stomachs, along a 250-foot path of bumps and dips.


Mountain Base

In addition to the three mountain areas, Blizzard Beach has a number of attractions at the base of the mountain. Melt-Away Bay is a wave pool, while Cross Country Creek is a gentle lazy river that is heated except for the ice cave portion where you get a very chilly surprise. Ski Patrol is dedicated to younger children and contains a swimming pool with its own icebergs, a rope drop, and smaller slides.