Christmas At Disney World

christmas at disney


Christmas At Disney World


There is nothing quite like the experience of visiting Disney World during the Christmas season. Everything is decorated for the holiday and the park holds special events where Disney characters and guests can come together to celebrate the most magical time of year the most magical place on earth. However, if you are planning a Christmastime visit to Disneyworld there are certain things you will want to keep in mind.


As busy as the resort is the rest of the year it is often at its busiest during the Christmas season since it is so much shorter than the summer season. Therefore, if you want to stay in a Disney World resort hotel you are advised to book your room well in advance because they will fill up fast. You will also thank yourself later if you make any special dinner arrangements for your Disney World visit, which you can make up to 180 days in advance. If you are planning on being at Disney World on Christmas Day itself and you want to have Christmas dinner at one of the park’s restaurants it is essential that you secure your dinner reservations well in advance.


If you plan to visit the Disney World parks on Christmas Day itself you may want to avoid Magic Kingdom, as that will be the most packed of all the parks that day. A better choice for your Christmas Day outing is Epcot Center because it is much bigger than Magic Kingdom and, therefore, can hold more guests at any given time.


From November to December every year Disney World holds special Christmas themed events. It is safe to say that the most popular Christmas event held at Disneyworld is the Very Merry Christmas Party, which generally runs from the second week in November right up until a few days before the Christmas holiday itself. Epcot Center also holds a holiday Candlelight Processional. This involves a 50 piece orchestra and a mass choir, complete with a celebrity narrator. During this event the story of the Christmas holiday is told through both music and spoken words.


At Disney’s Hollywood Studios the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights occurs every Christmas season. Roughly every 10 minutes the park’s lights begin to dance to Christmas music and “Florida snow” is released from above. If you are a fan of the classic movie “A Christmas Story” you will want to check out the mannequin leg lamp made famous in the movie, which you will see during this event.


You can head over to the Animal Kingdom to watch the Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade every Christmas season. The parade includes motorized floats featuring Mickey, Minnie and other famous Disney characters. You will be treated to holiday music during the parade as you view the many moving sculptures that portray exotic animals.


If you will be in Disney World on Christmas Day itself and you want to recognize the holiday’s meaning there are Catholic and other religious services held throughout the resort for your convenience.

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