Disney’s Epcot


Epcot is famous for its enormous silver ball, known as Spaceship Earth. It was originally meant to be the realization of Walt Disney’s idea of a Utopian city. A place that stayed on the edge of technology and new ideas where 20,000 people would live. However, after Disney’s death the Walt Disney company did not want to go ahead with the plan. Finally a plan for the park was agreed upon with the theme of world cultures, creative technological achievements, and human successes. It was opened on 1 October, 1982.


Future World

Future World is one of the two main areas of Epcot. This part of the park focuses science and technology. It is here where you’ll find Spaceship Earth. Spaceship Earth isn’t just an iconic landmark it is a ride that teaches you the history of communication technologies. It follows a timeline that traces human advancements through centuries, right from prehistoric man and into the future.


Mission: Space is one of the coolest rides at Epcot. The aim of the ride is to stimulate the training an astronaut goes through. When you enter the ride, you are divided into your four person crew and given your job and mission.


The Land attraction is made up of a variety of smaller attractions all themed around plants. It has both a boat ride that takes you through the world of agriculture and a motion simulator that takes you around California.


The Innoventions attraction is divided into east and west. The focus of this attraction is technology and how it has been adapted into the items we see and use everyday. It is filled with tons of interactive exhibits suitable for kids and adults of all ages.


The name says it all when it comes to the Imagination! attraction. The ride here and its post show focuses on getting you to explore your imagination and is followed by an awesome 3-D show guided by Michael Jackson and his crew.


Nemo fans in the family will love The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction that takes you on a journey to find Nemo. After seeing where Nemo went, you’ll be able to explore real living sea creatures in the huge 5.7 million gallon aquarium and tons of fun activities.


World Showcase

The second area of the Disney Epcot park focuses on different countries that are ringed in pavilions around the World Showcase Lagoon. Each pavilion features buildings in the style of the country represented, as well as its cuisine and plenty of shops. They are staffed by people from each country and there are always plenty of shows to entertain you.


The nightly park closing event is the world-renowned IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth show. It is a spectacular mixture of fireworks, fire, lasers, and fountains that is perfectly timed to music. The show starts at around 9pm each night at the World Showcase Lagoon and is supposed to represent the story of planet Earth.