iHu’s Breakaway Falls is Now Open at SeaWorld Aquatica

iHu's Breakaway Falls

Introducing the newest  water slides at SeaWorld Aquatica called iHu’s Breakaway Falls. It is now open to ride and it is nearly an 80 foot tower (126 steps to be exact) you climb up and plunges you down the water slide with three choices of breakaway slides or one open-air drop slide.

iHu's Breakaway Falls launcher

You enter in the box when you reach the top but you never know when the floor is going to open and drop you. The Orange slide gives riders the longest ride after dropping for three stories and sliding for 420 feet. The Green slide has a 28-foot drop and is the shortest of the breakaway slides. The Blue slide gives riders the steepest slide and the Purple open-air slide providing thrill seekers with the steepest drop without the box.

So who is going to ride this new ride at SeaWorld Aquatica?

Photo Credit: Outpost Orlando!

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