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The Advantages Of Staying Off Disney Property


No one can resist a trip to the Disney parks. Whether it is Disneyland or Disney World, going there is a dream comes true for people of all ages. However, it is an expensive dream comes true. The parks are expensive enough as it is, but staying at a Disney resort can cost some serious cash. That being said there are advantages to staying in hotels that are completely separate and apart from the resort.


The biggest factor is that it is significantly cheaper to stay at a hotel away from Disney. Some careful research will turn up plenty of hotels near the parks that are preferable for anyone on a budget. And when one considers the fact that chances are no one is going to spend very long in their hotel room when they could be at the parks instead it doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay exorbitant amounts for a hotel.


Many people state that they want to stay in a Disney resort because each comes with a free shuttle to take them back and forth to the park. The truth is that a handful of hotels near the Disney resorts offer their own free shuttle for registered guests to get to and from the parks.


Aside from these reasons for staying at a hotel away from the Disney resort there is also the fact that nearby hotels often have deals in place with Disney to allow their registered guests to receive special discounts others don’t receive. This is one of the biggest ways in which these hotels compete with the Disney resorts.


Here are some hotels on and off property that we recommend to stay at while visiting Disney or other Orlando Attractions. Look for hotels in Orlando, Lake Buena Vista,  or Kissimmee to be the closest.



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