To Park Hop or Not

park hop or not

To Park Hop Or Not


One of the big questions most people face when planning a visit to Disney World is whether to park hop or not. With four different parks making up the Disney World resort it is up to individuals whether they can and should park hop or avoid doing so. There is no black or white answer in this case because everyone’s situation is different.


Often families traveling to Disney World with multiple children will choose not to park hop for a few reasons. A lot of it depends on the ages of the children. Babies and toddlers may get very cranky being hauled from park to park. Older children might be more tolerant of it, but then their parents and/or grandparents or other family members may not be. There are so many individual factors that affect whether or not park hopping is the right choice to make.


Families may choose not to park hop if they are looking to have a more relaxing Disney World experience. After all, what is the point in paying money to get into multiple parks per day when doing so can be so exhausting that a person doesn’t even have the energy to enjoy their time there? Often, families who have previously visited Disney World don’t feel the need to purchase the park hopper tickets the second time around. They may be more interested in sticking with the one or two parks they enjoyed the most on their previous visit.


Many times families traveling to Disney World with teenagers opt out of park hopping if they know their teen(s) will want to sleep in late before starting their day, as so many teens do. If they are going to get to the park so late in the day they don’t have time to do multiple parks in one day purchasing park hopper tickets is a waste of both time and money.


There is a lot of flexibility that comes with purchasing park hopper tickets. It is the best way to go if a family has their heart set on seeing all four parks. Having park hopper tickets makes it possible for them to spend time in each one. Most families who are visiting Disney World for the first time tend to favor the park hopper tickets because they want to see it all and do it all while they are there.


Some of the parks at Disney World are open later than others. For example, Animal Kingdom usually closes around the end of business hours for the day, making it possible to see Animal Kingdom during the day and then visit, say, the Epcot Center in the evening. In this case, park hopping makes sense.


Visitors that want to visit one park in the morning and then head back to their hotel room for some rest and recovery time before heading back out to the parks would be smart to purchase park hopper tickets.


These are only some of the considerations that determine if park hopping is the best choice or not.


If you choose to get the Park Hopper there is a flat rate to add-on to your Base Ticket. See the prices below.

$37.28 including tax to add-on to a 1 day Magic Kingdom ticket
$42.60 including tax to add-on to a 1 day Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom ticket
$52.19 including tax to add-on for tickets 2- 3 days

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