Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Disney World Vacation

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Disney World Vacation

Taking a vacation to Disney World is always a very exciting experience. It can be quite the undertaking though; so it is smart to carefully plan the trip in advance. Here is a step by step guide to planning a Disney World vacation.


Step One: The first step in the planning process is to determine exactly when you want to go. If you are traveling with children you are better off going during the off-season when the crowds aren’t as huge and the lines aren’t as long. When you have school aged children and you can’t go during the off-season you will want to plan your trip even more carefully.


Step Two: The second step in this process can either be choosing how long your Disney World vacation will be or choosing what you want to do while you are there. While most people decide how long they are staying first it often makes more sense to figure out how much you want to do while you are there so you will book enough time in Disney World to do everything on your list. This is especially important if it is your first trip to Disney World, whether you are taking kids or not.


Step Three: Once you have determined how long you will be there and what you will want to do you will need to decide what type of tickets to buy. If you want to see all four parks you are better off purchasing a Park Hopper ticket, which gives you entrance to all of them rolled into one price. You can buy a one day only ticket if that is all your plans allow for. In general, families with children need an entire day to visit each park (though some of the parks have more to see and do than others) so keep this in mind if you are taking children.


Step Four: Purchasing plane tickets can come earlier in the process if you wish. You may have to structure your trip around the airfare you can actually afford. If you are driving rather than flying you will want to do some research on the parking policies at Disney World, as well as how much it will cost you to park your car overnight. This brings you to step five.


Step Five: Booking a hotel is the last step in the process for many who visit Disney World. If you want to be close to the park and even have a shot at getting in early or staying late, make reservations at one of the hotels on the grounds of Disney World. If you are looking for a more affordable hotel you will want to stay at one that is nearby. Many of the local hotels provide a free bus to and from the four Disney World parks. It is best to inquire about this when making your reservation, if you are interested.


Following this step by step guide will make planning a vacation to Disney World a breeze.