Tips that May Help you get Chosen for Special Disney World Shows, Events, and Parades

tips that may help you get chosen for special events


Tips that may Help you get Chosen for Special Disney World Shows, Events, and Parades


It is rare for anyone to go to Disney World without checking out at least one of the many shows, events and parades that are held in the various parks. However, getting chosen to participate in these things is not always easy to do. Here are some tips for getting chosen in Disney World.


Each of the four parks has their own special events, parades and shows. At the Magic Kingdom guests are always chosen to stand on the platform at the park’s train station. Families tend to get chosen to do this since Disney World is so family friendly. To have a better shot at getting your family chosen the only thing you can really do is show up at the park very early, though it can’t hurt to be as friendly and kind to anyone you meet as possible to increase your chances of being chosen.


Every evening at 5PM the Magic Kingdom holds a Flag Retreat Ceremony. During this ceremony a pre-selected veteran of the military marches alongside the color guard and is given the honor of taking the American Flag down from its display in preparation for the next ceremony. Needless to say, if you are not a veteran this option is not open to you.


Options open to your children include participation in the Adventureland Pirate Parade. When your child goes to the Pirate’s League and has their face painted they will be invited back later in the day for the parade that runs throughout Adventureland every afternoon. The parade usually starts at 4PM but you may want to check in advance because sometimes the start time is changed.


At the Epcot Center your kids may have the opportunity to participate in the Turtle Talk with Crush which is held at the Nemo & Friends Pavilion. Crush may speak to your child personally if they are sitting on the floor among the other children during the show. Make sure they raise their hand if the kids in the audience are asked to and make sure they are happy and enthusiastic about being there or they are not likely to get picked.


The American Idol Experience takes place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and gives you the chance to sing your heart out as if you were actually participating in the show. Get to the park as early as you can and make your way over to the audition center. Before you go you will need to be prepared to sing without music accompaniment for 30 seconds, which you must do in front of the show’s “producers.” If you impress them they will tell you what the next step is to be able to participate in the American Idol Experience.


While getting picked for a Disney World event is not the easiest thing to do it is possible if you are in the right place at the right time and with the right attitude that they are always looking for.


6 Tips that may help you get chosen for shows, parades, and events

  1. Arrive Early.
  2. Sit in the Front Row.
  3. Wear something related to the show or Disney Related such as matching family T-shirts or something that stands out.
  4. Be outgoing and energetic.
  5. Ask a Cast Member how to get chosen.
  6. Be animated and loud.

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