Typhoon Lagoon

typhoon lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon


Typhoon Lagoon is the ultimate water park, and Disney World’s second. It was opened in 1989 and has one of the biggest wave pools in the world. The park has a storm ravaged paradise theme with a variety of water related items placed as if they’ve been thrown about by a storm. Unlike other Disney World parks Typhoon Lagoon isn’t open year-round. It closes at the end of September for three months to carry out refurbishments. The park has a number of different areas, each containing a variety of attractions.


Mount Mayday

Several of the park’s water slides can be found here, including the impressive Humunga Kowabunga for ultimate thrill seekers. The slide is a massive five stories high and sends users down three enclosed sections where they can reach speeds up to 39 miles per hour. Due to these features, you must be at least 48 inches tall to ride it. The Storm Slides attraction consists of three separate slides, the Jib Jammer, Stern Burners, and Rudder Buster. The slides are three stories high with a twisty route to the pool below. Mayday Falls is another great slide for those who love a thrill. As riders slide down they are sent on an experience that simulates rapids. For something quieter Keelhaul Falls fits the bill with is gentle spiralling path. In addition to the water slides Mont Mayday also has Gange Plank Falls, a family friendly raft ride, and the Forgotten Grotto a cave that you can walk through.


Hideaway Bay

Hideaway Bay is a slightly hidden and quieter part of the park. Here you’ll find the Sandy White Beach, complete with sun loungers for relaxing and a gentle wading pool for young or timid swimmers. The main attraction here is Crush ‘n’ Gusher, a water coaster that is full of thrilling turns, slides, and scream inducing drops that users navigate on a raft.


Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is where you’ll find one of the park’s most popular attractions, its incredible wave pool that produces a continuous stream of six-foot waves. It also has Bay Slides, a very gentle group of slides that are specifically for young children who want the chance to try water slides, but are still to small for the park’s other slides. This section has two tidal pools, both with zero depth entry and sandy beaches that have plenty of shade. Finally, if you ever wanted to learn how to surf sign up for a surfing lesson. Surfing lessons must be booked in advance and take place in the morning before the park opens.


Shark Reef

Shark Reef is the place to experience snorkeling, even for younger children. You can pick up the necessary gear at the Hammer Head Fred’s Dive Shop and then go explore the two salt water reefs. Shark Reef has wonderful sea life to explore, including a variety of tropical fish, leopard sharks, bonnethead sharks, and stingrays.


Individual Attractions

There are two attractions at the park that aren’t in a designated area, Castaway Creek an amazing lazy river that moves around the whole park. It is a relaxing trip through waterfalls, mist, and rainforest. The other individual attraction is Ketchakiddee Creek, a water playground for younger kids filled with water sprays, fountains, and mini-slides.



In addition to the cool attractions at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon there are several places to grab a snack, drink or lunch. It’s possible to bring your own cooler into the park for a picnic lunch in one of the two designated picnic areas or on one of the beaches. However, glass items and alcohol are not allowed. And of course there are a couple of shops where you can pick up a souvenir to remember your day.